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Weekend Warm Up

I had some time booked off work for a long weekend, so my boyfriend and I decided to make the most out of our time together as it doesn’t happen that often. Thursday we went to Thorpe Park as I’ve been wanting to go back for ages now, had a fun day on the rides screaming and a lot of queuing!

Then yesterday we had such a lovely day out in London where we started the day in London Zoo. I have never been before and was really excited. We spent the day walking through the various different parts trying to avoid the mass of children who had been let loose. One of my favourites were the Penguins who look extremely beautiful as they glide through the water so delicately. There’s a part of the zoo where you can walk through a hot and humid rainforest filled with butterflies everywhere you look. This really outdid my expectations, it was so amazing to see so many just fluttering right in front of your face. Another of my favourites were the Otters, they were so cute all following each other around squeaking at one another. 

After the Zoo we made our way over to North Greenwich to the Emirates Airline cable car. I never knew that this existed, but i’m glad I found out about it! It was only a short 10 minute journey over the Thames but it was absolutely worth it to see the views over the river. It was also something quite different to do if you’re on a budget as a single trip was only £4.40, which you could use your oyster card for too.

Overall has such a great day and now i’m looking forward to the rest of the weekend :)


Hilary Faye